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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I know that the blog has been a proverbial "ghost town" these past couple of
months. The dust is just starting to settle from the holiday RUSH and the aftermath
of what we can now put in the history books as "Christmas 2012". 
Our little company really took off this year in an amazing way, but with rapid growth
 also comes some major "growing pains"!  As 2012 came to a close, we realized
that we needed to reflect back and make some {BIG} adjustments that would be
beneficial to us in the coming year.  We did some things right, but there was {and still is},
room for improvement.  We would have never believed back last March when we really
got started with this endeavor, that things would have transpired like they did.
I was, {still am, & in a lot of ways always will be} a little clueless when it
came to starting, owning, and running a small business.  I just dove in head first and
decided that I would have to figure it out along the way. You see, that is tough for an
OCD girl like me who likes everything planned, structured and organized.  This past
 year has brought about many sleepless nights, many an anxiety attack, lots of tears shed,
and unbelievable amounts of tedious and time consuming work. There were many times
(and still are, I cannot lie) that I have wanted to throw in the towel and go find a
"real" job. However, when that feeling strikes and I start on my job hunts, etc., it
seems that something inside of me knows that I am right where I am supposed
 to be.  My head (and all that OCD logic inside of it) tell me that I probably need
 to give up, go find a job with a paycheck (boy, I sure do like nice things), I have bills
 to pay, I need to be responsible and sensible, surely this is big waste of time and whole
 lot of hard work and how many little start ups ever make it anyway, right?!?! I have the
same fears as everyone else, the "what ifs", etc. It would be easier, (oh so much easier), to
 stop worrying myself sick over this little business of mine and just go to work for some big
 company and when the day ends at 5pm, work is over with and when the weekends or
vacations roll around, I can just relax and have fun and not worry for one little minute
 about the constant, non-stop barrage of things that come with owning a small biz. 
 BUT.... my {HEART}says.... "YOU CAN DO THIS", this is your
 passion, you love lots of things about it, you feel a sense of accomplishment with
each little milestone, look at all your successes, you are a fighter, you WILL be
successful, you can scrap and claw your way through, and if you love what you are
doing then the rest will figure itself out!  I truly feel that the Lord keeps bringing me right
back to this place.  I know, as hard as I have prayed, that if it wasn't His will for me to be
 right where I am at, that He would have already opened another door.  My faith has been
and still is being tested to the core.  No one likes insecurity.  This year I have tested my
 personal boundaries, I have stepped out of the box, I have done things that a just a few
short months ago I didn't think that I could do.  It is not all pink peonies {my fav}
and sparkly cupcakes {another personal fav}, but is it worth it????
I truly believe that it is!  It may not be paying the bills right now, but one day it will. 
Perseverance and hard work {and a boat load of prayers} will pay off just as it
always does and one day I will stand on the other side of this mountain
completely amazed that I was able to make the climb! 
With that being said, I am excited to introduce one of the big changes that is taking place
over here at Preppy & Pink! Very soon, we will be launching "Stacy Brown Designs"!
After lots of thought & careful consideration, we have decided to rebrand the
business and we couldn't be more excited about it. Here is a sneak peek
at what is to come...

We are super excited about the brand re-launch and can't wait to share more with you
in the coming weeks! 
What's holding you back today?  Are you letting doubt and fear stand in the way of
accomplishing something great?  Maybe it is time to step out on faith and go for it!
The path to your {BIG} dream may not be smooth, but the reward that is waiting
 for you may be greater than you could ever imagine!

Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



The Bauble Necklace trend has been gaining more and more speed as
different companies are beginning to offer their own takes on what could become
an {iconic}accessory. It is, without a doubt, the
MUST HAVE piece of the season!

The inspiration for all of these other designs is the J. Crew Bauble Necklace.
Cost of the necklace: $150
It is made of 18 karat gold electroplated brass, and the resin beads are hand-set. 
Why Spend the Money? Because, after all, it is J.Crew!

However, for those of you looking for a version that is a little easier on your
Kate Spade wallet, there are lots of other companies that offer similar versions
 of this necklace that are just as {stunning}...

Bridier Baubles: This necklace is only $30, but it is just as cute as its
inspiration. The larger beads are faceted so they catch the light.
(We own this one and absolutely LOVE it!)

BaubleBar: This necklace is only slightly more expensive than the last at $38.
It comes in several great colors and it is also faceted. What is great about
BaubleBar is that for every dollar you spend you get a point, and for every ten
points, you can take one dollar off your next purchase!
(Make sure you sign up because they give you 100 starting points!)

There are countless other versions of this new statement necklace available
as well. We don't care which one you purchase, because you cannot go
wrong, you just simply MUST purchase one{or two, or three}. 
Your wardrobe will most definitely THANK YOU!

Friday, August 31, 2012



I am so excited about this weeks giveaway

I want to introduce to you... Southernly Stated!

Southernly Stated is a super cute preppy & southern 

{i.e., just a couple of my FAV things} company that I found 

on facebook and just fell in love with instantly! 

Here is a short bio on the company: 

"The concept for Southernly Stated originated when my oldest 

daughter graduated from Meredith College with a degree in 

Fashion Merchandising and at the same time my youngest daughter 

had just completed her first year at East Carolina University as a 

Sorority girl! After purchasing what seemed to be every t-shirt 

produced by Meredith College for the duration of four years, along 

with the first round (of many more to come) of "oh so necessary" 

Sorority tees and tanks, I decided I have what it takes to market 

these college must-haves! With the many years of experience outfitting 

two fashion driven daughters... what other knowledge do I need?

Born and raised in Louisiana only to later be transplanted to the 

fine state of North Carolina,I feel I know what true southern class is 

all about! The distinction of my southern roots paired with life experiences 

and the fervor for a new adventure, Southernly Stated has now

 become reality. It is my hope you will embrace and enjoy the charm

 of our Southernly Stated creations...."

As a former UNC-Wilmington sorority girl (CHI-O), this company 

had me at hello! Y'all southern girls know how passionate 

we are about our college football & our 

southern roots, right?!?!? Well these little tanks say it all... 

"Love God, Sweet Tea, and the ACC" 

(in my case)! LoL

We are so excited to be giving away one of these cute tanks this week.

You can have up to FIVE chances to {WIN} one of
these FAB tank tops. Each one of the following
items count as one entry...

1) Become a follower of the Preppy & Pink Blog and leave a
comment stating that you did
2) Like Preppy & Pink on FACEBOOK, share the giveaway on your 
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tweet about the giveaway,  tag us in the tweet & leave a comment
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4) Follow Preppy & Pink (stacy_preppyandpink) &
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Be SURE to comment on the blog separately for each task that
you complete so that you can get your maximum number of entries.
The contest will run through Friday, September 7th at 12:00 midnight (EST).


Monday, August 27, 2012



Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with planning my
dream wedding. I would look through pictures for hours on end and my
best friend even helped me create a desktop folder full of potential ideas.
Then Pinterest came along, and you can probably guess how I spend my free time.

None of my wedding ideas were ever outlandish or funky. I like to think
of my dream wedding as how I think of my fashion sense:
classic with a twist.

I will wear white, have traditional flowers, and matching bridesmaids, but there
are tons of little quirks to throw in, especially for the reception, to
personalize the day and make guests feel at home.

Here are some {cute} and {fun} ideas:

What could be {preppier} than navy striped ribbon?
Dress up a classic and simple bouquet with a uniquely tied ribbon in
{preppy} colors to match your wedding.

This couple used Personalized Koozies (similar) for reception drinks.
The other side reads "To Have and To Hold and Keep Your Beer Cold"!
That is a great take home item for guests to remember your BIG day!

Another great way to serve drinks is in traditional Mason Jars.
{I mean, we are from the south, right?!?!}
Tie coordinating {preppy} ribbon around them to add even more 
southern charm.

One of the hardest decisions to make is what to give as favors!
Preppy & Pink girls are ALL about some personalization, so
choose something important to your family & their traditions. This couple gave their
guests the mother of the groom's famous homemade truffles! YUMMY!

Whatever you choose to do on your big day, just remember that {classic}
NEVER goes out of style, there is ALWAYS room for one more monogram
& you can NEVER have too much "preppy"!

*Post by blog contributor Kate Roe

Monday, August 20, 2012


Writing on the Walls

We were pinning the other day {as usual} and started noticing just how
 many vinyl words and monograms are out there and the creative ways that
they are being used.These designs are absolutely adorable, and can take the
place of a headboard or traditional artwork. 
However, most of them are very expensive, ranging from sixty to
hundreds of dollars. We did some research and found The Old Barn Rescue
Company. They make vinyl quotes and monograms perfect for any room
in the house, for less than fifty dollars!

This Large Monogram is the perfect edition to any room.
Put it over a bed, couch, or put a frame around it and voila!
Custom art {and you know that I have NEVER met
a MONOGRAM that I didn't like}!
A Coco Chanel Quote is absolutely adorable for a teen's
room, or a dorm room! I actually use this same quote in my dautghter's
bathroom {in pinks & greens, of course}.

Remind yourselves how much you LOVE each other with a
Sweet Saying above your bed.

*post by blog contributor Kate Roe

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Polka Dots and Paris

Just because preppy is a classic style does not mean you can't embrace
fashion trends! For this coming season we are seeing {spots}, literally!
(more polka dot jokes to follow, not sorry). From J. Crew to Gap these
 looks run circles around the rest.

Here are some styles that make us {dotty}!

J. Crew CafĂ© Capris are perfect for transitioning into cooler
weather. Pair them with a {POP} of color and some neutral accessories. 

This Gap Cap Sleeve Pocket Shirt gives off a warm
and cozy feel just by the color! Add a cardigan and a cute pair
of flats to finish the look.

And now for the splurge:
Kate Spade's Lisa Pump has polka dots, a bow,
and is in the perfect navy! What more could you ask for?

Another {BIG} trend? Let's just say that Audrey Hepburn was right when
she said "Paris is Always a Good Idea".

Here are some of our {Parisian}favorites!

Of course we had to find something with one of our favorite quotes! This
 Audrey Hepburn Shopping Bag from the Hudiefly2 Etsy Shop
is wonderful for carrying groceries or bringing books to class.


We find the cutest things on Etsy! Kate Spade may have an Eiffel Tower
Necklace, but this one from Danique Jewelry is perfectly personalized.

Worth the Splurge:
Image from Polyvore
Zoe Karssen's Parisian Sweaters have popped up everywhere! We
absolutely adore this Oh La La Sweater in pink!
"Au revoir!"
Post by Preppy & Pink Contributing Blogger: Kate Roe


Friday, August 10, 2012


Happy {FREE} Friday y'all!


"There is nothing more fun than entertaining children.  They make the
best guests!  Pick any sweet treat from Courtney's book and dazzle
 the little guests and adults alike!"
- Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Editor-At-Large of Southern Living

I am so excited to help spread the word about this FAB new book by
my sweet friend, Courtney Whitmore! As many of you know,
Courtney is the creator of Pizzazzerie. An amazing website
devoted to party planning and entertaining. She has also just released
 her second book, "Candy Making For Kids".
This book is too cute & a must have! It would make a fabulous
gift for kids (of all ages)! NONE of the recipes use a candy thermometer
so the recipes are super accessible and easy for all kids. And did I mention
YUMMY?! It's the best gift for the holidays too (a whole chapter is
devoted to holiday-themed candies)!

Photos Courtesy of Zac Williams + Courtney Dial Whitmore 

Photos Courtesy of Zac Williams + Courtney Dial Whitmore

Photos Courtesy of Zac Williams + Courtney Dial Whitmore

Photos Courtesy of Zac Williams + Courtney Dial Whitmore

We are thrilled to be giving away a copy of this super
cute book this week! However, if you can't wait and want to
purchase yours NOW, then you can find them here on Amazon
or here on Barnes & Noble.  As an added bonus, Courtney has darling
red + white polka dotted book plate labels that she will be mailing out
to those who request them so that you can stick the personalized greeting
right inside your book. All you have to do is email
with the subject line BOOK SIGNATURE. Include a  proof of purchase
(screen shot of Amazon order, picture of receipt, etc.) along with
the address of where to send the book plate, & who to make the greeting
out to, and she will get it on its merry way so thatYOU can have 

How can you {WIN} a copy of this amazing book you ask?
Well, there are several ways to enter!

 Each one of the following items counts as one entry and you can have a
total of {six}entries!

1) Become a follower of the Preppy & Pink Blog and leave a
comment below stating that you did
2) Like Preppy & Pink on FACEBOOK & leave a
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6) Tweet about the giveaway & tag us in the tweet then leave a
comment on the blog stating that you did

Be SURE to comment on the {BLOG} separately for each task that
you complete so that you can get your maximum number of entries. 
The contest will run through Friday, August 17th at 12:00 midnight (EST).