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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My little graduate in her cap and gown!
{Just getting a little practice for the future in that "Carolina Blue"}

Miss Gracie on her last day of school! {Yes, that IS a "shiner" you see under her eye that
she acquired the night before when, as she put it, her bicycle "twisted" on her
sending her crashing to the pavement}

Class Ice Cream Party complete with SUPER CUTE "Ice Cream" Cupcakes!

Teacher Gifts: Serving Trays Designed & Made by Preppy & Pink!

*Sniff * Sniff *... Miss Gracie B. has graduated from preschool and will be starting
kindergarten this fall. My baby is growing up sooo fast! My, oh my, how time really
does fly! We had lots of work to do preparing for her last day of school! The class was
 having an ice cream party to celebrate their accomplishments and of course, a party
is just not a party without cupcakes! To go along with the ice cream theme, I decided
to have the fabulous KERI CAMPBELL of SWEET TREATS BY KERI to make
some super cute cupcakes that looked like cups of ice cream, complete with sprinkles,
a fondant cherry, and a wooden spoon! They were absolutely DEE-LISH!

Next on the list... teacher gifts! Preppy & Pink designed these fabulous serving trays
complete with fun colors and personalization. They are handmade and hand painted making
them a super unique gift.They turned out wonderfully and made a really special gift
that Gracie's teachers can use for years to come! {Get your personalized tray today at}

So proud of Miss Gracie B. and excited to see what the future holds for her and all
of her little preschool friends! There will be many "post worthy" events,
of that I am sure!


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