Preppy & Pink

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


OK, so it is no secret that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Party Box Designs,
and her latest "Preppy Pink Crab Party" is simply TO DIE FOR....
After all, it is Preppy & Pink {two of my personal FAVS},
so what's NOT to LOVE??

POLKA DOT Balloons... Enough Said!!!!

Super Cute Desserts with Super Cute Toppers in
Super Cute Cups = Super Happy Guests

Crabby Cookies, of course!

CRABBY Spice for Guests!

Crabby Party Favors

Nothing is cuter than paper straws!

Personalized Water Bottles

Signature Beverages = AWESOME

Ahhhh.... I'm so totally obsessed with this party! It is so stinkin' cute! Jess over
at Party Box Designs did an AHHH-MAZING job and managed not to leave out
one tiny detail when designing this party. Her products are fabulous and you can
check out her blog with more pics HERE.  One thing is for sure, little Charlotte is one
lucky 3 year old to have such a CRAB FAB-ulous party!
Ohh Mrs. Jess, how I wish to be apart of your fabulous party world... designer,
guest blogger, product promoter, anything you need me to be???? LoL
{no, for real...I'm not kidding} ;)

There were lots of vendors that went into making this party such a huge success.

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  1. awwww thanks so super much sweet lady, any time you want to be a guest blogger let us know!!!!